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Fuel Truck Hire Brisbane

Fuel Truck Hire Brisbane, Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Central and South East Queensland.

A fuel truck or sometimes called a tank truck, is a truck that is designed to carry liquefied loads, dry bulk cargo or gases on roads.

There are many variables due to the wide variety of liquids that can be transported.

Fuel trucks are often large vehicles; they may be insulated or non-insulated; pressurized or non-pressurized; and designed for single or multiple loads.

Some even have different divisions in their tanks.

There are also fuel trucks in the form of semi-trailer trucks.

Size And Volume

Fuel trucks are defined by their size or volume capacity.

Big trucks typically have capacities ranging from 20,800 to 43,900 L

Here in Australia, road trains can pull up to four trailers in length (also called Quad tankers) and they can carry loads in excess of 120,000 L.

Longer road trains transporting liquids are also in use.

A tank truck is defined by its shape, usually a cylindrical tank upon the vehicle lying horizontally.

Some less visible features amongst tank trucks have to do with their intended use: compliance with human food regulations, refrigeration capability, acid resistance, pressurization capability, and more.

The tanks themselves will almost always contain multiple compartments or baffles to prevent load movement destabilizing the vehicle.

Large tank trucks are often used to transport fuel to petrol stations.

They also transport a wide variety of goods such as milk, wine, juices, water, petrol, diesel, and industrial chemicals.

Tank trucks are made of different materials depending on what products they are carrying.

These materials include aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP).

Some tank trucks can carry multiple products at once due to compartmentalization of the tank into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or in sometimes even more tank compartments.

This allows for a number of different delivery options.

These trucks are commonly used to transport different grades of petrol to service stations to carry all products needed in one trip.

Smaller Fuel Trucks

Smaller tank trucks, with a capacity of less than 11,000 L are commonly used to deal with light liquid cargo within a local community.

A good example is a vacuum truck used to empty several septic tanks and then takes the collected fecal sludge to a treatment site.

These fuel trucks commonly have a maximum capacity of 11,000 L.

They are equipped with a pumping system..

Another use for fuel trucks is delivering fuel such as liquified petroleum gas (LPG) to households, companies and industries.

The smallest of these trucks usually carry about 3,800 L of LPG under pressure.

LPG tank trucks can carry up to 13,200 L of fuel (usually liquid propane) on a 2-axle bobtail truck.

More than 13,200 L usually requires a 3-axle truck.

Some companies are using lightweight steel to carry more litres on single-axle trucks.

Fuel trucks are also used to fuel aircraft at airports.

Fuel Truck Hire Brisbane

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