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Lighting Tower Hire Brisbane & Queensland

Lighting tower hire Brisbane & Queensland wide, Grace Peters can supply lighting towers to any location in Queensland.

A lighting tower is a piece of mobile equipment which consists of one or more high-intensity electric lamps and a mast.

The lights are often attached to the mast.

The mast is then attached to a trailer.

Finally, a generator is set up to power the lamps.

However, battery-powered, solar-powered and hydrogen-powered sets are also available as well as light towers with electrodeless lamps.

Modular kits allow separation of the generator set, trailer, lights and mast from each other.

Another option is an inflatable mast.

An inflatable mast can also be used as a diffuser.

Light towers are used for construction.

Some work places need strong, temporary, outdoor illumination, such as:


-Motion picture production.


-Emergency services.

-Oil refining.

-Sport or agricultural sectors.


Portability and user-friendliness has added more benefits to the lighting equipment.

It’s used for a variety of things including:

-Construction and repair of rail as well as motor roads.

-Lighting solutions for:






-Construction sites.

-Search and rescue operations.

-Exhibitions and oil drilling refineries.

Apart from these, light towers are also extremely useful in applications including:

-Military base construction.

-Highway tunnels.

-Bridges as well as wind turbines.

Lastly, the high-intensity bulbs should be able to illuminate a vast area without creating any shadow.

Benefits Of Portable Light Towers In Construction

Various industries often involve in demanding and challenging night time operations.

This is so they can complete their projects on or before the scheduled time.

Mostly, workers are have to work with poor light.

They also have to deal with poorly lit indoor environments.

Therefore, making their work more tedious, tricky and troublesome.

Lastly, the introduction of light towers has revolutionized the way workers perform their tasks at nights as well as under low-lit conditions.

Lighting Tower Hire Brisbane & Queensland

Please note that Grace Peters has a variety of different lighting tower models available for hire.

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