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Moxy Dump Truck Hire Brisbane & Queensland

Moxy Dump Truck Hire Brisbane & Queensland Wide.

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Moxy is one of the truck makers challenging the 40-ton ceiling for articulated-truck capacity with its MT51, rated to haul 50.1 tons of material.

Top tote its loaded weight of more than 85 tons, Moxy employs a Cummins QSX15 6-cylinder diesel engine.

The engine has a multi-positioned waste gated turbocharger and air to air intercooler rated at 510 horsepower.

Power is directed to an Allison 4600 ORS automatic transmission with lockup in all gears and a remote-prop shaft-driven two-speed drop box.

The 51-ton ADT bears Moxy’s trademark free-swinging, gear-driven tandem housing.

Enclosed hydraulic, oil-cooled multiple discs provide six-wheel stopping power.

Moxy Dump Truck Hire Brisbane & Queensland

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